~The weary traveller~

Weary means to be tired or showing tiredness and I feel weary. Bone weary, so weary that my weary is weary. Sleep is elusive and seems to be just out of reach. It’s frustrating and irritating. It makes me grumpy, weepy and I ache. You would think that drifting off to the land of nod would be easy-peasy but no such luck. My brain refuses to enter the wonderful land of unconsciousness even though the rest of me is more than willing.

I am exhausted and it’s hard when my day becomes my night and vice versa. As it is I’m going to bed between 4-6 am and getting up between 12-2pm and doing my best to get at least 8 hours of sleep before the sun goes down. as it is I’ve only been up 6 hours and I could go to bed right now. I am debating giving in but maybe I can squeeze out a few more hours to aim for a more normal sleep schedule. the problem is in a few hours my brain may be wide awake and no rest for the wicked.

Any ways… I wanted to share some images I found on Pinterest and find them funny.

I feel lost…

My brain is experiencing…

I Hurt….

I don’t remember…

I want to…

Here’s to hoping that we all get a good night of sleep!  Take care and be safe.



~Me vs Pinterest~

That’s right, Me vs. Pinterest and the making of very tasty salted caramel sauce! I have a favorite salted caramel recipe that I found on Pinterest. I needed to make more of it for a tasty creation I’ve come up with from inspiration on Pinterest. (Let’s see how many more times I can say Pinterest. LOL) My tasty creation takes flat marshmallows, Kraft calls them Jet-Puffed Stacker Mallows, caramel and dark chocolate. This time I wanted to add a waffle pretzel to it so I needed more sauce. Right now my marshmallows (another overused word) are freezing then I will add a pretzel and caramel then freeze them again before covering in dark chocolate. The ones with out the pretzels turned out fulgy as all get out but they were oh so tasty frozen. mmmm…. Excuse me while I clean up my drool.

Back around to why it’s versus… Stupid Pinterest lied to me about the amount of ingredients so I added too much heavy cream. It said 2 cups and I’m like I want it thicker so I’ll cut the amount of cream in half.  Lo and behold the original recipe called for half of what I added so it turned out really saucy. *sighs*

Don’t get me wrong, it was still tasty just not what I wanted. I added a splash of vanilla to it cause I like a little vanilla in my caramel. It will be great on ice cream and possibly coffee. I went a head and made a second batch per the blog’s instructions and it just as tasty as the first time I made it. I cooked it a bit longer hoping for a thicker consistency but I won’t find out till it’s cooled. I took some pictures for a side by side to show you what I mean.

The first one is the one with extra cream and really thin so that makes the second one made as per recipe. Sorry the pics are a bit blurry, not used to taking pictures with my left hand. I’m gonna give you the link to the recipe that I used and one to my pinterest page in case you wanna poke around and fall into a rabbit hole with me.

Homemade Salted Caramel Recipe

My Pinterest Page

Have a great day and be safe!


~Making food makes me happy.~

I have been having a weepy day today. Reading makes me cry and snuffle, listening to music makes me cry, watching a video on YouTube makes me snuffle even more, everything is making me cry today! I’m pretty sure I could get dehydrated crying, as much as I have cried today.

So yeah, I became the weeping Gina tree today up until it was getting close to time to decide what to make for dinner. I have been trying my best to keep a meal calendar so I know what to buy and what to keep in stock so I can try new recipes. I have been trying to expand my repertoire. I have started using Pinterest to bookmark recipes I want to try or have tried. I have to say that once I decided that I was gonna cook dinner my mood started lifting. I cut up some steak and was swaying to the music. I even started on a dessert and made a batch of doggie pill pockets.

I already knew that baking made me happy but I honestly thought it had more to do with the act of sharing baked goods with family and friends that made me happy. I guess cooking in general helps me find my happy place. What is it about planning a meal makes things fall into place? I have no idea. Maybe I just find comfort in making food as much as in eating food. I know I am an emotional eater, more like emotional junk food eater. I don’t eat anything healthy when I’m on that kick. Right now I am making corn tortilla shells filled with refried beans (sorry Ephany, didn’t have enough time to make them from scratch like you), cheese, lettuce, tomatoes (not for me *yuck*) and steak that has been marinaded. For dessert I made a Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie with a couple tweaks. Looks tasty and smells amazing baking. It’s gonna be sooooo good with a little vanilla ice cream. mmmmm….

Anyways! LOL Sorry it has taken me so long to write again. I am still trying to get the hang of this. I think I need to do a post of funny stuff I find on fb. Maybe it will inspire your, cheer you up or make you laugh a little.

Take care and stay safe!



P.S. Here are the Pinterest links to the recipes I was talking about.

Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie

Steak Marinade

Good Night, Good Luck

*Sighs* We finished the DLC for Dying Light and all I can say is … Wow. It’s not even a good wow. It’s more of a “I can’t believe you went there” wow. Even then that’s not quite right either. It was a disappointing ending to an engaging game.

At first I thought my desires for HEA endings is what colored my disappointment over the ending but Ephany and Mack agree that the ending sucked too. That being said, I understand why the developer would have done that. It gives them the opportunity to explore different avenues in the game’s world they created, I guess if they are going to make more games. I would love to explore the world more. They did a great job creating an engaging world that is fascinating to explore. I really hope they make a sequel with a better ending.

Have a great day and stay safe!


Was supposed to post this end of last week but I got sidetracked, sorry about that.


~Mania on Coffee~

Heya, Friday was a very distracting day and i decided to go and make it worse and have a made-at-home blended coffee courtesy of Ephany. I thought I had goldfish syndrome before! I was way worse than a “Oh… shiny!” moment. *laughs*

Talk about jumping tracks, I realize you have no clue who Ephany and Mack are. Ephany is my best friend. She is such a lifesaver! Pineapple flavor of course! *manic giggling* Mack is her little brother and pretty much my little brother too. I will probably talk about them a lot. No, not probably, I will talk about them a lot. They are some of my most favorite people and I talk to them daily. We co-op video games almost daily to wind down and hangout long distance style. Ephany lives 15 minutes away from me and Mack lives six hours away.

Can you tell I’m a Californian? I was using time to equate distance. Sorry to disappoint but I am not a blonde, bikini-clad surfer. I do love the beach  but I live in a water starved farm and dairy area. We had rain this month and it was like all the vegetation said “Yes!! We can have sex now!”; according my allergies the pollen levels have been high and everything is blooming. Yes, yes I equate pollination to tree sex and I am allergic to nature getting it on!

Any ways, back to video games. We’ve been playing Dying Light and the DLC called The Following. It’s a really good zombie outbreak game and has a really good story! It has a parkour element to it so you can fall from, I mean you can climb anything! I am afraid of heights so of course there are collectibles high up. I would be okay with the climbing mechanic but they made it so the character wobbles the higher you go. It freaks me out so bad. Some days are worse than others so I can usually go back and get the item another day. Ephany teases me about it, unless it’s a bad (really effecting me) day, but I know I’m braver than she is in video games. She’s scared of spiders and she has the best girlie scream ever! *evil giggles* We come across spiders in Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC. She’s like “Nope! F*** this s***, I’m outta here!” Makes me laugh every time!! She has the best reactions!

I’m pretty sure I could ramble all day about playing video games with these two, we always have fun and talk about the most random things. They are my life lines even if they don’t know it. God gave them to me as anchors. Anchors to keep me in place so I don’t drift off and buoys to keep me from drowning. They are awesome and I love them very much. Any ways, I got stuff to do and games to play.

Have a great day and stay safe!


~Awkward Introductions~

Hi, my name is Gina and this is a place for my whims, or rather this is the rabbit hole that being bipolar has taken me through. I have been having issues with being bipolar. The mood swings seem to come out of nowhere at times… okaymost of the time. I try my best to not let them affect me but it doesn’t always work and my best has been sucking lately. To me… the mania is the hardest to handle. I mean… What do you do with all that…  energy? brain power? inability to sleep? I tend to create, read, play video games or wile the hours away on Pinterest. Yeah.. Pinterest, yet another rabbit hole I am fond to play in.

This blog will be a place for my insights on being bipolar, diabetic and being creative. Of course I will do my best to share how I made something, whether a craft or food. Oh!! I love to bake! Baking is my happy place and I don’t have to eat it either. I am more than happy to give it away. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas for the sheer amount of baking I get to do!!

I will also be posting book reviews. I have been meaning to get in the habit of post book reviews since I value the author’s hard work and appreciate it. I have also made friends with several and think they deserve shout outs and recommendations! I mostly read fantasy. I told Ephany* that I don’t care for modern stuff and she raised an eyebrow at me so I had to amend it. I don’t like to read stories that deal with real life issues. I rather read about some bamf casting magic at a dragon in the middle of Times Square than read about a family who had another child that could be used as spare parts fr the older one. That’s just way too tragic and would pull me down uber fast so I try to stick to HEA  (happily ever after) and HFN (happy for now).

I am also a Christian, not that it’s important information for you to know just want you to know that you may see prayer requests or even faith posts every now and again. I fall a lot and have a ton of painful growing to do. Right now it seems like I am below sea level, yet I will always sing praises!

Starting this blog is a whim that became incessant so I brought it up to my sounding board (Ephany* and Mack*). They said it sounded like a good idea for me to use as an outlet and maybe help someone else who is struggling along the way. That is truly my hope too, not that you are struggling but that I can help you realize you can make your way out of the abyss also.

I think I have been all over the place now so I am gonna bounce for now. *grins* Take care and be safe!


*Names changed to protect the wannabe innocent!! LOL